about the artist

SONY DSCPINI can clearly remember my very first camera, a yellow Kodak 110 that my parents let me buy at Canadian tire. Circa 1986, my main subject was my cat. {What can I say, 6 year old girls…}. My passions have changed a little in the last few years.Adam (my second photographer + my first love) and I are passionate about creating beautiful photos. We’ll go knee deep in the lake, or go sky high in a scissor lift, or lie down on an icy, snow covered landscape to capture the out of the ordinary moments of your day. We love weddings.

It’s that simple. We are two photographers with two perspectives to tell your story. This gives us the tools to create  an incredible album that will tell your story. We feel so blessed to share such an important day.

Love + photography = our bliss. 

So take a look and if you like what you see, say hello.  We’d love to meet with you and get to know you. Share your vision with us; we want to help you celebrate your bliss.

*JoEllen has been an accredited photographer with the Professional Photographers of Canada since 2009, her work has been judged to be at a national standard. She holds her accreditation in the category of “Wedding Environmental”.

In 2014, her work was selected to be included in a prestigious national image salon.

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